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[Discuss] Ubuntu=Spyware? My reaction with 6 ways to profit

On 12/13/2012 02:40 PM, Derek Martin wrote:
> Turn it off.  It's very easy to do.

True.  But once bitten, twice shy.  There's the worry that it will turn 
itself back on in some future update, or another similar "feature" will 
be introduced.

> It's annoying that an organization prominent in the free software
> community has elected to enable somewhat privacy-invasive software
> features by default, but it's not really a problem.  We are not
> sheep:  We can think for ourselves, and I daresay that most of
> us use Linux because we already do.

We are not sheep, but at Installfests and with similar outreach efforts, 
we are shepherds.

> ...
> You can, of course, also just use a different desktop environment, like XFCE.

That's true and one of the great things about Free Software is the 
choice.  For new users, it was nice being able to point them to Ubuntu 
because of the wealth of community resources online.  It's not quite the 
same experience with other distributions of desktop environments, which 
is why the current direction of Canonical feels like such a loss.


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