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[Discuss] Ubuntu=Spyware? My reaction with 6 ways toprofit

Hello Everyone,

I do see where they are coming from with the download donation thing and
I'm much less bothered by it than the lens.  As a long time EFF member
I'd rather see the installer have the option to disable the lens or at
least disclose its presence.  In the installer they could explain why
they as a FOSS project might need donations to thrive.  Of course I do
understand that FOSS projects need money to survive and I give both but
I'd rather give when downloading or with a direct donation than through
selling my private information.  

Have a great weekend!  

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>Another thing I found annoying with Ubuntu recently as I was preparing
>for the installfest, I found that you go through a page: "Show Ubuntu
>some love", that essentially prompts you to donate where there is a
>button at the bottom, "Pay with Paypal", to the left is a link, "not now
>take me to the download".
>I have no objection to contributing for free software. At the
>installfest we also ask a donation, and some of the Ubuntu people
>complained about that. I just think it is more of an in-your-face
>approach. I think it should have been done a bit better.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Joseph Guarino
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