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[Discuss] [OT] how to disable Gmail's filtering of duplicate messages?

I've noticed Gmail will filter out messages that share the same message
ID, even if they are delivered via different mailing lists. I'm sure
this is viewed as a feature, but I'd like to disable it.

One place where this can cause problems is if the message is
cross-posted to two mailing lists, and filtering rules are used (in the
client) to sort messages into folders. Whichever list sends you the
message first will be the one Gmail passes on. The other gets silently
dropped. The end result is that the message may get filed into a folder
you check less frequently. And in the folder that didn't get a copy,
subsequent replies will be missing the parent message in the thread.

Anyone know how to disable this behavior?

Some initial googling hasn't turned up any options, and although I've
ran across many discussion threads about doing things to get rid of
duplicates in Gmail, I haven't yet seen a discussion thread by someone
else who wants to disable the filtering.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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