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[Discuss] How do Linux guys back up Windows?

On 12/27/2012 08:28 PM, David Kramer wrote:
> After seeing everyone's great comments (including "install Linux"), I've
> come to the realization that I'm probably best off doing a very
> occasional mirror image of Windows, and use Unison to copy off my
> documents that change.  Maybe I'll have to reinstall windows, maybe the
> image will restore.  The only for-pay applications installed on either
> Windows box is MS Office, and my Steam games which will reinstall
> themselves with no problems.
> Thanks for all the great advice.

I forgot to mention 2 things:

- I'm liking Crash Plan on Linux.  I'll have to figure out the best way
to use it on my servers, where I back up to normally-disconnected USB
disks.  Maybe that just means kicking off backups manually.  Maybe that
will mean backing up from one machine to another automatically
frequently and also doing backups to USB occasionally.  But I'm running
it on my main desktop Linux machine and the initial backup wasn't
significantly larger than the .tgz that I usually create as backups.

- My Windows 7 laptop, less than a month old, is already caught in an
upgrade loop, where it updates stuff and after the next reboot it says
it fails and undoes the updates.  Over and over.  Tell me again why this
OS is so popular?

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