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[Discuss] restoring Windows on different hardware

> work. I can't stand anything related to DRM including software
> locking, especially when since I've already got myself over the
> learning curve in Linux. I hate installing activation-requiring
> software, and I hate having to avoid pissing off the DRM and resetting
> the activation workflow.

Agreed.  Felt that way for at least 15 years.

In the opposite direction, I am finally comfortable using WindowsXP as
a virtual machine in VMware.  I like that I never "reboot", the state
is remembered.  I have two uses for the world of MS.  There is a bit
of diabetes software that requires Java, explorer, and a special USB
transceiver my insulin pump needs.  I am impressed that such a stack
of software works "virtually".  I also have used XP for testing a
python program I am writing.  Works fine there, and I can prove it to

Oops, I do this on a mac mini, but I am confident I could do the same
on my virtual Ubuntu machine.  It was amusing the other day when I had
3 OSes on the same monitor.  Not "performant", but doable for a short

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