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[Discuss] DRM

Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at>
>If you're using an old operating system -- ANY old operating system --
>that's out of active support then you deserve whatever happens.

Sigh... if only it were that straightforward, Rich!

I run old Windows XP for the sole purpose of running Quicken 2006, which
contains 45 years' worth of my financial records.

I tried moving to Windows 7, but based on reports on the web, Quicken 2006
"officially" doesn't run correctly only Windows 7, and I'm not about to
risk vital financial records on "maybe it will work," when a small math
mistake can have large consequences.

I also tried upgrading to Quicken 2012 on Win7, and it was literally 20x
slower than Quicken 2006. Switching accounts (clicking on an account name)
took 2 full seconds to complete instead of 0.1 seconds. (Even when I
created a new data file with 2 empty accounts.) Sorry, I'm not moving to
vastly slower software. I have a friend inside Intuit who took the issue to
their internal support team, and they said, "working as designed."

So, I continue using XP, running in VMware so I (theoretically) never need
to worry about its obsolescence. (I read the recent post here about
migrating to a Linux-based financial package. Hmm.)

So, to Rich's point, I would love to upgrade but am basically trapped on
the old OS.  Did I really "get what I deserve"?  :-)

Dan Barrett
dbarrett at

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