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[Discuss] end-of-year donations to open source

Several open source and related organizations are seeking end-of-year
donations, including the FSF's anti-DRM arm, Wikipedia (not really open
source), and a new privacy initiative from GNOME. Some more info below.


  The GNOME Foundations's executive director, Karen Sandler, has
  announced a new "Friends of GNOME" fund raising campaign specifically
  to help make GNOME "one of the most secure computing environments
  available", with a particular focus on privacy. Billed as "Help make
  GNOME safer than ever", the privacy campaign will fund development of
  application containment, improved disk encryption support, integration
  of TOR (The Onion Router), better user control over diagnostic
  reporting, more robust VPN routing and applications using system-wide
  privacy settings.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Keep Defective by Design fighting for its eighth year; support
us by supporting the Free Software Foundation
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 15:56:10 -0500
From: Free Software Foundation <info at>

You can read this message online at:

The fight against DRM often pits us against some of the biggest
companies and the most dominant ways of thinking in the technology
business. What gives us the independence to speak out -- and the power
to make your voice heard --is the support of our members. Now, we need
your help to keep Defective by Design strong in 2013.

Defective by Design isn't a stand-alone organization; it's one of the
longest-running and most-loved campaigns of the Free Software
Foundation: <>.
Here are some of Defective by Design's and the FSF's accomplishments in
2012, made possible by our donors in 2011 and 2012:

* Starting this summer, the FSF began building a new team to bring
powerful organizing experience to Defective by Design and our other
campaigns. The team has already made a big splash; at a cost of a few
hundred dollars, they brought positive international news attention to
the cause during Microsoft's Windows 8 launch. Microsoft is projected to
spend over a billion dollars to promote Windows 8, which of course
promotes and supports DRM. While we will never have that kind of money
to blow, our campaigns team has you standing behind it. With your
support, we can continue to raise your voices against DRM above the
marketing buzz.

* Defective by Design led the creation of the DRM-free logo
<>, a Web site badge to make
it easy for users to tell when a site's media are safe from DRM. A
substantial number of well-known organizations have already adopted the
logo, including O'Reilly Media, Girlebooks, Magnatune, and ccMixter.

* Defective by Design and the FSF made DRM-free products more accessible
to new audiences through our 2012 Giving Guide
<>, which offers a comparison of
freedom-supporting and proprietary gift options.

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