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[Discuss] Home NAS redux

On Thu, 03 Jan 2013 15:54:57 -0500
Mark Woodward <markw at> wrote:

> We are now arguing unprovable minutia.

BSD has sockets; SysV has STREAMS. The architectural designs are
very different. This isn't unprovable minutia; it's a fundamental
difference between the two major UNIX families.

> Since all the code is obsolete and far out of any reach to
> verification, we have only the documents we can dig up to prove our
> points.

The 4.{234}BSD source files are still around and you can download them
and see for yourself. Copies of the BSD releases are maintained by the
UNIX Heritage Society. They also have archives of a lot of other
UNIXes. The 4BSD sourceforge project bundles the *BSD releases with
emulators to make them runable on contemporary hardware.

Obsolete perhaps, but hardly "far out of any reach".

> I'll trust the contents of a wall street journal article, an
> interview with a former NT kernel developer, and my own personal
> experiences.

You... you go do that.

Rich P.

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