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[Discuss] Home NAS redux

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Edward Ned Harvey
> Actually, if I write some code under MIT, and if Mark modifies it and
> distributes his derivative product closed-source, and Jerry receives a copy of
> Mark's product that was built from my code...  Jerry can still obtain my code
> directly from my site if he wants to.  The only thing he can't get is the
> modifications that Mark made.  So even the MIT license doesn't magically
> create a way for the above described "theft" scenario to occur.

The one and only restriction that MIT license imposes is that the copyright notice and permission notice remain intact, and distributed with all copies or substantial portions of the software.  

So if you were thinking "Mark just won't tell Jerry that the product is based on Ned's MIT-licensed foobar..."  the argument doesn't hold.  Because that's the one action MIT license prohibits hypothetical-Mark from doing.

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