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[Discuss] Ripping Audio Cd then copying to Android

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Jerry Feldman
> I am using K3B to rip a couple of audio CDs I have with the intent to
> copy the resulting files to my Android. Currently I am creating this as
> a single Ogg Vorbis file. I'm pretty sure this is a good format for
> Android, but just asking for advice.

Why the intermediate format?  Ogg vorbis is a lossy format similar to MP3.  Generally speaking, you don't want to go to a lossy format and then convert again to another format.  If you want lossless, FLAC (or AAC Lossless).  If you don't want lossless, MP3 or AAC.  'Course there's nothing wrong with OGG Vorbis, but it's not as common, so you won't find quite the same universal compatibility in players.

Why is this a question?  There's nothing special or unique about android audio players...  The question is not really about audio format android compatibility ... it's just audio formats in general.  If you want what's mainstream, skip the intermediate format, and rip directly to FLAC or AAC or MP3.  If your ripper limits you to OGG Vorbis for some reason, just find a player that can play it.

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