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[Discuss] Its not possible to make things easier for users

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 12:35:18 -0500
Mark Woodward <markw at> wrote:

> That depends on the particular "joe" you are talking about. For some 
> quantity of joe, you will have a range from "don't know, don't care"
> to "knows, and cares." If you go too simple, then only the "don't

The guy who "knows, and cares" isn't Joe Consumer.

> Now, that isn't true. *at all*. Many high end car drivers have to buy 
> premium because their cars knock.  Performance cars typically need
> the extra octane. Many "joes" drive cars like mustangs and such.

Mustangs run just fine on regular (87 octane) gasoline. This is
precisely what Ford recommends. If you put higher octane gasoline in
the tank then you're an idiot who's wasting money and gasoline.

> Again, what about the joes that put in really really great audio
> systems in their cars?

Likewise an idiot. A car interior -- any car interior -- has some of
the worst acoustics of any enclosed space you could ever encounter. See
also, "anyone who believes Bose marketing."

Rich P.

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