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[Discuss] Interesting rant about Gnome 3

Speaking of XFCE, I believe the link I posted gives some details about
another part of this that I commented on at the Brewery last month. A lot
of people are ditching Gnome 3 and moving to XFCE due to Gnome 3 removing
important features, and apparently the Gnome 3 folks are pressuring
developers of the components that implement them to remove those same
features, which would thereby remove those feature from XFCE (and KDE, and
LXDE, etc.).

The example that appears in my link was about "Transmission".

> (Gnome 3)
> In the upcoming GNOME 3 we won't be supporting notification area icons
> (status icons)
> ...
> Transmission has an option in the Desktop tab of the preferences to
> "Show Transmission icon in the notification area". This should probably
> be removed.
> (Transmission)
> Removing it altogether, as you suggest, will hurt XFCE users.
> ...
> In order for this ticket to move forward, I'd like you to tell me
> what change should be made to Transmission that will make it work
> properly, out of the box, on GNOME Shell, Unity, and XFCE.
> (Gnome 3)
> You have to decide if you are a GNOME app, an Ubuntu app, or an XFCE
> app unfortunately. I'm sorry that this is the case but it wasn't
> GNOME's fault that Ubuntu has started this fork. And I have no idea
> what XFCE is or does sorry.

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 3:11 PM, Derek Martin <invalid at>wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 09, 2013 at 03:18:42AM -0500, John Abreau wrote:
> > This blog post sheds some interesting light on some of the issues many of
> > us have been having withj gnome 3.
> >
> >
> >
> You might also enjoy this:
> Came across it while trying to discover how to disable gnome-keyring
> without breaking my system.  I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that
> the answer is "switch to XFCE."
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