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[Discuss] fedmsg

Hi All,

I just installed fedora 18 in one of my virtual systems. After doing 
some configurations, specifically bring the sepolicy down to permissive, 
and rebooting, I get this message about fedmsg activating when I login 
after the reboot process. I then notice a constant network input rate of 
about 40kbytes/sec, which is small, but constant. I poked around the net 
looking for information of fedmsg but didn't get anything really. So I 
was wondering if you guys may have a good resource for what fedmsg is. 
Well, I know it stands for federated messaging system or something like 
that, but is there a way to see who's generating the messages and what 
they are? The system log files don't seem to be generating any excessive 

thanks. Steve.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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