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[Discuss] Media Managers

Speaking of getting music onto Android...

The Rockbox team now has builds for iPod Classic. Which means that I
can get reasonable capacity (where 160GB counts as barely reasonable
for my needs -- really) with FLAC playback. This means that I'm just
about ready to dump iTunes for something else. For me, this "something
else" must be able to do a couple of things:

It must be able to shuffle static playlists by album. That is, given a
list of albums, it must be able to shuffle the list by albums such that
no album repeats and all tracks play in correct album order. Bonus
points for not repeating an artist.

It must be able to sync playlists. Not just a simple copy. If a track
is removed from a playlist and it does not appear in any other
playlists then it needs to be removed from the device.

It must be able to generate playlists based on ratings/scores. I have
more music than will fit on a 160GB disk and I use ratings to manage
what is and is not synced.

Everything else is gravy.

What's out there for open source media managers?

Please don't suggest Rhythmbox. It's Gnome, and I'm not letting Gnome
touch anything I use these days if I can help it.

Rich P.

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