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[Discuss] core competency

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Dan Ritter
> Will they live or die over whether an engineer is inspired and
> dedicated and works overnight fixing a problem or implementing a feature?
> If so, then it is a mistake to outsource that function.

I'm going to have to disagree with this logic.  Because having an internal employee versus outsourcing is just a relationship difference between your Corp and the Employee.  It does not necessarily come with any difference of competence or dedication or loyalty.  Sometimes it may, but it's not correct to draw a cause/effect relationship (or even correlation) between the quality of work done, and the worker(s) status as an employee or outsource resource.  And you certainly don't get any guarantee of loyalty or competence by hiring somebody on a W2/W4.

As a consultant/employee/outsource provider for myself, I have to say, the main difference between internal employee positions versus the outsource model, is a finance/management structure.  Either Company A (the client) is responsible for the employee taxes and benefits and insurance for an employee they hire on W2/W4, or Company A contracts with Company B (the provider) who is responsible for that stuff.  And... In both cases, the individual(s) providing the service works closely with or report to, management at the client.  Sometimes the client prefers to interact with the individual(s) directly, and sometimes they prefer to have the service provider also provide intermediate management.

I certainly do all types of work, from end-user support, global IT management, intermediate management, and direct contribution as a core product developer.  All of these details are simply managed via the services contract between the client company and my company.  Key points are intellectual property assignment and rights.  We have templates for each of those possibilities, and I find, the client companies often have their own standard templates too.

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