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[Discuss] Shutting down Oracle hosted on Linux

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Jerry Feldman
> I think the best way is /etc/init.d/ stop
> Don't know why the DBA used the long name. The best way is for me to use
> this script firstand make sure that Oracle is fully stopped then issue
> my script to shutdown all the servers.

But most importantly, this should happen automatically when you run the shutdown command.

I fully expect, unless somebody broke it in your system, there's a symlink
/etc/rc3.d/K10oracle_service --> /etc/init.d/

The shutdown script finds anything that starts with "K" and runs that with the "stop" argument.  End result should be exactly as you said:
/etc/init.d/ stop

The shutdown script first sorts all the K scripts, executes each one in order.  So things numbered lower than 10 (in the example I wrote above) would be stopped before your oracle service, while things higher number stop later.

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