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[Discuss] BLU Desktop GNU/Linux SIG Meeting - Home Server - Weds, Feb 6, 2013

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 6:30PM

Location: MIT Building E51, Room 372


         1) Room confirmed (Room 372).
         2) Additional presenter, Stan Livitski, will demonstrate
        a "free as in freedom" alternative to cloud services like
        Dropbox and Google Drive, called Data Bag a.k.a.
        "the uncloud."


         Learn how to build a home/media server with GNU/Linux.


         Part 1
         Brendan Kidwell will show us how to use our favorite
         GNU/Linux distribution to build a personal home server
         for data storage and/or media serving.

         Brendan will also discuss the dangers of entrusting your
         data to the "cloud," in particular a cloud service that
         you don't control.  As an antidote, the home/personal
         server solution that Brendan will present shows how you can
         free yourself from a dependence on proprietary cloud services
         such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

         Part 2
         Stan Livitski will demonstrate Data Bag - - a secure and "free as in freedom"
         alternative to using cloud services like Dropbox and
         Google Drive.

Meeting outline:
         - Motivation / why you should have your own personal server
         - Introduction to the components and what they can do
           -- Your home router - providing optional off-site access.
           (Also or similar service to provide a friendly
            Internet hostname.)
           -- Hardware - any old box or not-hot-running laptop will do
           -- Operating System: Ubuntu Server
           -- ownCloud - Personal file sharing, syncing; Calendar;
           -- Subsonic - Audio / Video storage with browser-based
         - Demo
           -- ownCloud
           -- Subconic
         - Q&A for Brendan
         - The "Uncloud" - Stan Livitski demonstrates Data Bag
         - Discussion / Questions (open ended)

Transportation & Parking

         Our meeting location is a short walk from the Kendall
         Square T stop and other public transportation.  There is
         also free parking in the building's parking lot.

Volunteer Opportunities

         We're still looking for volunteers to:
         -- speak at upcoming meetings (full talks and lightening talks)
         -- design a business card and/or flyer
         -- help spread the word at local campuses
         -- write blog posts for
         -- contact media (newspapers, radio, etc.)
         -- spread the word via Social Media

         If you're passionate about the free software movement and
         looking for a fun project, please let me know.
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