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[Discuss] Point-and-cluck groupware

Thanks for reading this.

I'm involved with a volunteer-based organization, which has members in 
parts of the world, and which has a need to share private information 
with a minimum
of fuss.

The private information is composed of confidential files that the 
public should
not see, (Not the nuclear launch codes, but not just trivia, either) 
emails between
the members, and occasional online chats.

I'd appreciate ideas on how to give the members access to some form of 
which would allow these features:

  * Common file area that any member could contribute to
  * Email notifications when files change, if a member wants them
  * Ability to have online chat sessions, on the same idea as IRC
  * Group email reflector
  * Cannot require any purpose built software. A web browser and a
    POP-capable email client are the /only/ assumptions I can make about
    computers used by the members.

Now, I've investigated various flavors of wiki, but I'm looking for 
something that's
available as a one-stop service for /all/ the items above. I'll consider 
that's reasonably priced, but advertiser-supported services
(Yahoogle, etc.) are a non-starter.

I need "Ease-of-use" with a capital "E". All suggestions are welcome, and
thank you for your help.


Bill Horne

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