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[Discuss] SCO's Motion To Reopen the Case Is Denied with a Bonk on the Head

SCO has been in chapter 7 for a while now, but they have been trying to 
open their case against IBM:
For those who don't remember this case, The SCO Group is a company 
founded by Glenn Noorda, who also founded Novell. The SCO lawsuits were 
a method where SCO was trying to assert that they owned Unix, and were 
also asserting that the owned Linuxbecause there was some Unix code 
Linux. The SCO vs. IBM was the original case that started this. All 
court cases were placed on stay when SCO filed for Chapter 11 
bankruptcy. Eventually, the courts allowed the SCO vs. Novell proceed, 
and Novell was able to prove that it owned the rights to Unix, not SCO. 
For historical purposes, The Santa Cruz Operation was a company that 
specialized in desktop PC Unix systems. They sold their Unix division to 
Caldera (a Linux distro company) who renamed itself "The SCO Group". The 
reason I am posting this is that has SCO been successful in court, they 
could have jeopardized Linux. PJ (Groklaw) states: 'Surely SCO's "We Own 
Linux" scam must be in the top ten scams in history, not just in Utah.'

Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
Boston Linux and Unix
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