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[Discuss] The broader impact of Google Fiber

Dan Ritter wrote:
> And along the same lines, Harold Feld:

Great article. Here's the hook the author uses to kick it off:

  ...parasite...T. its immature phase, it can live in any
  mammal. But to  reach the mature stage and reproduce, it must get into
  a cat. It does  this by the expedient of reversing the usual aversion
  mice have to cats.  A mouse infected by T. Gondii will find the oder
  of cat a powerful  attraction and, on spotting a cat, will rush out to
  challenge the cat  instead of hiding. As a result, the cat eats the
  mouse and the T. Gondii  gets on with its reproductive business.

He carries that analogy throughout the long piece, referring to the
Google "parasite" as T. GOOG (while not using parasite in a derogatory
way) and first explains how Google used this control technique to gain
adequate control over the wireless phone market, and is now using a
similar strategy for wired broadband.


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