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[Discuss] Spread Sheet printing question

On 6/4/2013 9:40 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I have been using spreadsheets since I bought my first copy of 
> VisiCalc from Dan Bricklin at the New England Appletree meeting in 1978.
> I have a spreadsheet (Libre Office Calc) that takes up 2 pages. The 
> main question is how do I get Calc to print the column headings on 
> each page.
> The other 2 minor questions are how can I suppress the Sheet number 
> that appears on the top of the page as well as the page number.
> When I print, I select the data I want to print, and print selection.

Assuming it's the same as Open Office, here's a snippet from the help file:

If you have a sheet that is so large that it will be printed multiple 
pages, you can set up rows or columns to repeat on each printed page.

As an example, If you want to print the top two rows of the sheet as 
well as the first column (A)on all pages, do the following:


    Choose *Format - Print Ranges - Edit*. The *Edit Print Ranges*
    dialog appears.


    Click the icon at the far right of the *Rows to repeat* area.

    The dialog shrinks so that you can see more of the sheet.


    Select the first two rows and, for this example, click cell A1 and
    drag to A2.

    In the shrunk dialog you will see $1:$2. Rows 1 and 2 are now rows
    to repeat.


    Click the icon at the far right of the *Rows to repeat* area. The
    dialog is restored again.


    If you also want column A as a column to repeat, click the icon at
    the far right of the *Columns to repeat* area.


    Click column A (not in the column header).


    Click the icon again at the far right of the *Columns to repeat* area.

For the "Sheet number", choose Format-Page-Header, and click the "Edit" 


Bill, who amazed the forman at Bowdoin Toll by putting printer 
formatting codes into Visicalc cells

Bill Horne

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