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[Discuss] [Position-available] CSAIL at MIT seeking user-facing sysadmin

Hi.  My group at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at
MIT has a sysadmin position available.  This position is largely (but
not exclusively) about end-user support, so it's a hybrid of help-desk
and sysadmin.  We're looking for someone with Linux, Mac, and Windows
experience and good people skills.

The job posting is at

and it's requisition number mit-00009646  in case that link stops working
for some reason.

If you apply, please also drop my boss Jack Costanza a note at
jackc at and let him know you did so (ideally with a copy of
your resume), since it can sometimes take a while for applications to
work through the pipeline and make their way to us.  If you have any
questions you can ask me or ask Jack directly.

CSAIL is an amazing place to work.  The environment is extremely varied,
with lots of opportunities to learn new things.  This position would be
one of four front-line sysadmins.  There are also two senior sysadmins
and a network administrator, so it's a group where you'll always have
somebody to run ideas by and troubleshoot with and teach and learn from.
(And we support about a thousand Lab members, so the sysadmin-to-user
ratio is... about what you'd expect from an environment where everybody
gets root if they want it.)

The job posting linked above strikes me as quite accurate.  The departing
sysadmin is particularly strong in Windows and Mac, and managed our backup
system and had a lot to do with setting up end-user wiki installations,
but we shuffle around responsibilities as needed.

Looking forward, perhaps, to working with one of you,


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