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[Discuss] Low Cost Internet?

On 06/07/2013 12:07 PM, Will Rico wrote:

> Does anyone have a recommendation for low cost Internet service for
> someone with neither cable television or home telephone service?
> [...]  I'm looking to make a recommendation to a friend in Somerville.

My wife uses a "Freedompop" wifi gizmo when she rides the bus in town 
with her wifi-only Ipad, and she likes it.  The "Freedom Spot - Photon" 
is very small and works perfectly for her. They have other hardware 
choices, too.

The price is low: "free", though there was a "deposit" on the hardware 
(I don't know what the means, I figure I made a purchase, and I think 
they changed their terminology since).  The free deal is 500MB a month. 
If you want more you can pay money for more data, and you can perform 
marketing tasks to get more data. If you don't use it all for a month 
(less than 5MB) they charge 99-cents on the "free" plan.

Their business model is a bit odd and I wouldn't be surprised if it 
changed in a big way, but for the moment I paid $105.99 in January and 
it has worked well for 5-months on that money, and appears to keep 
working.  Already a good deal, each month it keeps working a better deal.

For casual, light usage, it is great--faster than my home DSL.


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