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[Discuss] Low Cost Internet?

FreedomPop is using the Clearwire network, as is the new incarnation of
NetZero, so comments about Clear coverage will also apply to them.

Here at my house we did not have a positive experience with Clear. But I
live with six other people and we are heavy internet users; our typical
data usage was running around 80GB/month, which seems to be rather more
than Clear was comfortable with. Our service would get slowed down to a
crawl during the busy hours (some part of the 6pm-2am period) without
warning. We reported the problems to them repeatedly; they would promise to
fix it but never did. Eventually it became clear (sic) that they had no
intention of adding more capacity in our neighborhood and would prefer that
we just go away and stop bothering them.

When they weren't doing that to us the service was OK but not stellar. We
would get about 3Mbps most of the time, speeding up to 6-8Mbps at really
quiet times like the middle of the night. Clear (or one of the other
companies using the network) could be a good deal for people with more
modest needs than we have.

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 5:29 PM, <edwardp at> wrote:

> On 06/07/2013 12:07 PM, Will Rico wrote:
>> Does anyone have a recommendation for low cost Internet service for
>> someone with neither cable television or home telephone service?  I
>> came across Clear ( and according to their
>> coverage map, they have a strong signal in the immediate Boston area
>> including Cambridge and Somerville.  I'm looking to make a
>> recommendation to a friend in Somerville.
> If they're looking for mobile service with Internet, T-Mobile has a
> prepaid plan that provides 100 voice minutes, unlimited messaging and
> unlimited data with the first 5Gb at high speeds, for $30/month.  This
> particular plan is only available on a new activation through T-Mobile's
> web site, or at Walmart.
> http://prepaid-phones.t-**<>
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