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[Discuss] TLD for Personal Use - Email

On 6/9/2013 10:31 AM, David Kramer wrote:
> See, that's been my experience. I run my own mail server (postfix),
> listserve (mailman) and webmail (squirrelmail) (and a bunch of
> other servicess) with about 10 domains, and after I got the
 > mail server stuff up and running, I hardly ever have
> to think about it.

I have a question about PTR records: can anyone confirm or deny that 
some ISP's are refusing mail from any domain without a PTR?

I know that it's routine to require a PTR record from a sending host: 
that's not the issue. What I think is happening, however, is that emails 
from "bill at" won't be accepted unless there is a PTR record /for/ 
"", not just a one-size-fits-all PTR for the "real" address of 
"". In other words, if I use "" as the mailhost for 
"", "", "", and some other domains, will I need to 
have a PTR record in place for each of those domains?



Bill Horne

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