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[Discuss] TLD for Personal Use - Email

On 6/9/2013 10:31 AM, David Kramer wrote:
> ... So what is the perceived difficulty in running
> your own mail server?  To me, the risk of an ISP screwing up, changing
> TOS, raising rates, or doing me a favor by filtering out what they think
> is "spam", is greater than the risk and inconvenience of running my own
> server.

The hardest part is keeping on top of all the security fixes: I got 
owned because of an exploit in Exim4, my email MTA.

> I second the suggestion of not setting up IMAP or POP accounts for
> random people.  Talking through setting up the mail client over the
> phone is a drag, and now you have an announce list for planned and
> unplanned downtime.   As it is I host content for various nonprofits on
> my server and that's a problem.

I made the same mistake, albeit to a lesser degree: I forward emails for 
a domain owned by my sister's business, and having /any/ connection to 
someone else's email automagically makes you /their/ help desk for 
email, network, word processing, spreadsheets, Slowbooks, or 

I recommend you just refuse to participate in any family discussion that 
involves computers: I'm at the point where I tell my relatives "I'd 
rather not talk about work" when they ask me computer-related questions, 
because I've found out that most of their "How do I ..." questions are a 
camel's nose in the tent of "Can you do that for me"?


Bill Horne

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