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[Discuss] newegg

I can not say i have personally had any significant issues with newegg.
 though i know they are not perfect and have gone down some in value and
quality over the years.  That being said it sounds to me like your best
recourse is to go to your credit card company.  they are the number one
resource consumers have when dealing with issues like this, and they pull a
lot of weight with retailers.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu)
<blu at>wrote:

> > From: at [mailto:discuss-
> > at] On Behalf Of jc at
> >
> > Maybe you should take it on yourself to search for forums  where  you
> > can report this. That might gain enough attention (and lost sales) to
> > get the idea across that they might want to change the  way  they  do
> > such things.
> I went to BLU, LOPSA, BBLISA...  I thought about doing more ...  I sent
> newegg links to all the discussion archives.  So they're aware.
> At present, they've offered $30 store credit (last Wednesday) to
> compensate me for my shipping cost to/from Seagate, while I RMA the drives
> with Seagate directly.  I told newegg, I didn't want 5 drives, I wanted 3.
>  So after I receive the repaired or replaced drives from Seagate, I want to
> RMA them to newegg and get my $200 back.  They have yet to respond.  As I
> said, that was a week ago.  By status quo, I have to assume they reject the
> idea.
> I'm done wasting time on it.  I'm forced to accept a $200 loss, with the
> possibility of maybe getting new drives from Seagate.
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