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[Discuss] newegg

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Edward Ned Harvey
> (blu)
> At present, they've offered $30 store credit (last Wednesday) to compensate
> me for my shipping cost to/from Seagate, while I RMA the drives with
> Seagate directly.  I told newegg, I didn't want 5 drives, I wanted 3.  So after I
> receive the repaired or replaced drives from Seagate, I want to RMA them to
> newegg and get my $200 back.  They have yet to respond.  As I said, that was
> a week ago.  By status quo, I have to assume they reject the idea.

hehehehehhe, for anyone interested, here is the latest.  Received today, the latest message in my epic support-ticket-saga, with pages and pages of history that the person obviously didn't even glance at:

> Dear Edward,
> Thank you for contacting Newegg. 
> May I ask if the two drives are opened or not? Do you still have the retail box with the UPC code and all the accessories if applicable?

:-)   I mean, it sucks.  But I can't help laughing and smiling, because it's so far over the line.    :-)   Needless to say, I replied, describing bare drives, anti-static bag, bubble wrap.  Original.  No accessories and no UPC codes.  Exactly as newegg shipped to me.

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