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[Discuss] email privacy/security

Much of this discussion is academic.  If I was interested in reading random
email it is much easier to read "clear text" email and most, by far, is
"clear text".  The only reason I would spend time trying to read encrypted
if I "targeted" a person or company.   Most likely I would not succeed
because "off the shelf" encryption is too strong for me to crack easily or
in a timely fashion.  I don't work for a three letter agency (CIA, FBI,
NSA....) or a hacker group like Anonymous so I don't have access to crack
most encryptions.  Besides social engineering is MUCH easier and more
effective than trying to cracking an encryption.

As sad as his is, I ALWAYS assume ANYTHING I say on the phone, say in an
email or file I save on a public server can become public information.

Bob Dunphy

Thank you God for putting unpleasant things in our lives. Sometimes it
helps us see things we would otherwise not see and gives us courage to act.

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