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[Discuss] Reminder: BLU Desktop GNU/Linux SIG Meeting - Project/Hangout Night - Weds, August 7, 2013

When: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 6:30PM

Location: Akamai, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA ?

    Also easily accessibly by T.


        1) We have one attendee who has requested help
            with Ubuntu Studio and a Tascam sound card.
            We should also have a couple of attendees
            working on distro installs. Grey beards with
            and without actual beards more than welcome

        2) Please note the location is different from our
            standard MIT meeting location.

        3) Akamai has generously agreed to provide space
            and 'free as in food' for this meeting.
            Thank you to our sponsor!


        Project Night/Hangout Night


        In the spirit of summer, we're going
        to make our August 7 meeting a bit
        more free form with opportunities to
        get (and give) help, as well as to
        socialize with other users of free &
        open source software.

        You are encouraged to bring your

        If you are working on a project, e.g.
        getting a GNU/Linux distro up & running,
        learning some new software,
        configuring privacy protection,
        trying to configure something, etc.,
        bring it with you to work on.

        We'll try to match you up with other
        attendees who might be able to help.
        If you email me in advance with your
        issue, I'll try my best to have someone
        available to assist.

        If you don't have a specific project,
        please still come to socialize and
        help others.  I'd also love to hear
        your ideas for future meetup events.
        Even in today's virtual society, there
        is no substitute for meeting face to

        This is also a good opportunity to
        bring a friend.  Is there someone in
        your life that you think could benefit
        from switching to free software?
        Everyone! ;-)  Invite them along and
        give them an opportunity to speak to
        other users and hear from different

Transportation & Parking

        The Akamai office is a short walk from the Kendall
        Square T stop and other public transportation.

        Metered parking should be available near our

Talks & Lightening Talks

        Want to give a talk or lightening talk at
        one of our meetups?  Please email me.

        Lightening talks can be very short and
        informal.  Perhaps there is a project
        you want the group's feedback on or
        something cool you'd like to share or
        a problem you want to bring more
        attention to...we'd love to hear from you.

More Events & Announcements

        Annual Summer BBQ XIX
        Saturday, August 17

        OpenStack from Scratch (Federico)
        Wednesday, August 21 at MIT

        Open Hardware Summit
        Friday, September 6 at MIT

        Software Freedom Day
        Saturday, September 21 9:30am - 5:30pm
        Details to follow, save the date
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