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[Discuss] Has anyone had experience with Social Solutions and/or ETO software?

 Hello Bob,

I am new to Linux and the group and have enjoyed the discussions so
far so I'd like to reply publicly. Others maybe in interested in ETO,
and this could be my only contribution for some time.

The non-profit I work for has used ETO for over a year under the
auspices of the city in which we operate a shelter for homeless men. I
recommend it highly.

My background is IT, but I have compared notes with other ETO users
with either IT or social services backgrounds within our world-wide
organization and from another non-profit nearby. They too recommend it

ETO stands for Efforts to Outcomes, as I'm sure you know. ETO's
biggest selling point to me is its ability to aggregate data that you
define and collect and report it back in a format useful for your
funders. In other words, you now have reliable stats from a
well-recognized software that help you improve your services and
demonstrate to your funders your worth. Otherwise, I assume you
understand the concepts and tools it uses to achieve these goals.

Technically? Because it requires IE, and from some terminology, I
suspect it is built on Sharepoint. Backup, security and adherence to
regs are now outsourced to S-S. Our data is input to the city and then
shared with the state and HUD. A power-user (and maybe less) can
administer it and shape it to be used by those not very computer

Customer service is great and online training is available. I've done
much of the latter. Testing is required before you can perform some
roles. There is an upfront fee based on your budget, and I believe,
monthly charges thereafter. Ours are covered by the city.

If you'd like more information I'll be happy to reply offline. But I
recommend you speak with the local rep and get some references. See if
they can point you to the online manual. There was talk of a Boston
user's group, but I've not heard further about it.

I am a long time Sys Admin (Windows) and IT manager laid off for a
long time beginning in 2009. So I volunteered at this non-profit first
doing menial tasks, then was hired as their sys admin and statistician
and, not too long after, was introduced to ETO. I almost immediately
recognized its worth.

If we implement ETO ourselves I will probably stay to get us off the
ground. I am studying Linux and Python to move on to a junior sys
admin 'jack of all trades' role thereafter. I hope to regularly follow
and learn from the group discussions.

Sincerely, Len Oreto

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Bill Horne <bill at> wrote:
> Thanks for reading this.
> I work for a non-profit, which provides services to recently-arrived
> immigrants, such as instruction in English, help with finding jobs, etc.
> The organization is considering buying a software package called "ETO",
> owned by Social Solutions Co. (
> Please feedback any information you have about the company or the ETO
> product. You may contact me privately if you prefer.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill
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> Bill Horne
> 339-364-8487
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