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[Discuss] KeePassX

On 08/16/2013 11:36 AM, Richard Pieri wrote:
> Kent,
> Critique and review of ciphers is not that simple. Compare RSA to RC4, 
> both developed in part or in total by Ron Rivest. On paper, RSA is a 
> weak algorithm while RC4 is a strong one. In practice, however, RC4 
> was found to be weak through experimentation while RSA has withstood 
> attack.
> You need to know how to attack ciphers if you want to critique them. 
> And even that isn't always enough to spot weaknesses.
I't has been a while, but if I recall, Derek was on a team that cracked 
an RSA key. I don't remember the details,but I still remember Derek's talk.

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