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[Discuss] 1 offline uncorrectable sectors detected

Jerry Feldman wrote:
>>> Offline uncorrectable sectors detected:
>>>       /dev/sdc [SAT] - 48 Time(s)
>>>       1 offline uncorrectable sectors detected
> Certainly. but a minor error like this is not a serious flaw since the
> sector has already been remapped.

I believe the error means some operation (self-test or normal usage)
attempted to read from a sector, it failed, and error correction and the
usual number of retries was unable to recover.

I don't think the sector has yet been remapped, and that's the whole
point of this repeated warning. It's telling you that something is still
pending. Had the sector been remapped, it would increment the
reallocated sector count and you'd see a warning only once.

The next time this sector gets written to, it'll get remapped, but you
can force the issue by using "e2fsck -c", which in turn runs
'badblocks', or run 'badblocks' directly in a non-destructive mode if
you aren't running an ext2/ext3/ext4 family of file system. (See the
list archives for my posting on using 'badblocks' to burn-in a new drive.)


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
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