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[Discuss] how to contract correctly?

I was a contractor from about 1988 through about 2008. About 17 of those 
years was with Digital, and they mandated that I be a W2 employee for an 
approved company. I've done 1099 through some agencies and 1099 direct. 
remember that as a 1099 you have to buy your own insurance and oay self 
employment tax. An accountant and attorney can help you there. In one 
case, (HP) my boss (former and prospective) gave me the req number and a 
list of approved agencies, so I was able to shop around. The agency I 
chose had the best combination of rate and health insurance. When my 
contract expired at HP I was in partner engineering, and my partner 
hired me using the same agency. I was subsequently converted to a full 
time employee.

On 08/29/2013 11:45 AM, markw at wrote:
>>> From: at [mailto:discuss-
>>> at] On Behalf Of Eric Chadbourne
>> Before you take a client, ask your accountant if you should do the 1099 or
>> W2 with them.  The answer should be either No, you don't do it at all, or
>> Business 1099, where you do the 1099 using your business name and business
>> EIN.  The whole point is, maintain your LLC as a layer in between you and
>> your client.  You definitely need an accountant.
> Don't go W2! If you are an independent contractor, W2 defeats your tax
> advantages. A W2 means you are an employee.

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