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[Discuss] unreadable sector

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Jerry Feldman
> I've brought this up before. One of the drives in my RAID reports an
> unreadable sector. I'm not worried about thisas this otherwise seems to
> be a serviceable driveand I take frequent backups.

Generally speaking, bad blocks on disk are like rust.  It's a chemical defect, and it spreads.  You should replace the drive in question.

> One question I might
> have is would I be better served by removing this from the RAID pair,
> and run a full destructive bad block scan 'badblocks -wsv /dev/sda | tee
> <some log file>'
> The bad blocks scan should (1) reallocate the bad blocks and also give
> me more detailed information on whether to replace the drive or not.

badblocks, by itself, only makes an attempt to identify bad blocks, and store them in a list usable by something else such as mkfs.  I don't know if you can *tune* with tune2fs, to incorporate a list of bad blocks.  You might have to recreate the filesystem in order for this to work.

I would bet more than the price of your disk, that if you monitor the bad blocks over time, you'll find they're spreading.

> Right now the information is only showing up in logwatch, and I occasionally
> get an email. A replacemnt costs right now about $75 for a 7200 RPM 1TB
> drive at MicroCenter.

Sure the old drive isn't covered by manufacturer warranty?

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