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[Discuss] list archive viewer

Something that could parse an mbox archive and generate a UI resembling
Blogger would be nice. If it could recognize threads and post followup
messages as comments to the thread instead of as new threads, that would be
even better. Recognizing quoted text, and
filtering or collapsing it like gmail does, would also be a nice feature to

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro+blu at> wrote:

> John Abreau wrote:
> > I tried customizing Mailman a number of years ago to change the
> > archive pages to use a php extension, in order to add the common
> > navbar include file, but my first few attempts were unsuccessful, and
> > I put it aside when I realized that my changes would be wiped out the
> > next time I ran "yum update".
> I don't think pipermail is a good foundation to build on.
> I think the first step would be to look at what other mailing list
> viewer applications are available, and see if we can find one that both
> offers more functionality, and a proper mechanism to allow us to skin it.
> Anyone have a suggestion for a good tool? (I'll check the mailman list
> archives to see what they recommend.)
> I think many have fallen by the wayside as free hosted services, like
> Gmane, have become popular.
>  -Tom
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