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[Discuss] UEFI

Gregory Boyce wrote:
>> UEFI requires a GPT partition table rather than msdos, so migrating an
>> existing OS installation may not work so well.  GPT means requiring grub2
>> as well.

GPT can encapsulate a MBR partition table. It is possible to "convert" a 
MBR disk to GPT and with some work it may be possible to convert an 
existing Linux installation to boot from the modified device. It's 
probably easier to back up your user data, install a new OS cleanly, and 

Protip: put /home, /opt and /usr/local on dedicated partitions or 
volumes so that you can reformat /, /boot, etc., without erasing user 
data and custom software installs.

It is not possible to go the other way (GPT to MBR) without wiping and 
reformatting the disk.

Rich P.

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