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[Discuss] Grub2 and RAID1 Fedora 20

Assuming that the sdaX and sdbX partitions are mounted as RAID devices 
(ie, md126, md127, etc), you can just tell grub-install to install GRUB2 
on whatever devices or partitions you want. GRUB2 is aware enough of 
mdraid metadevices to do the right thing.

What's important here is that your /boot file system is also a RAID 
device of some sort or that you manually replicate everything across all 
of your replicas. In one of my specific cases I have 4 disks, two 
partitions per disk. sdX1 (/dev/md126, RAID1, 4 replicas) are small 
partitions for /boot, sdX2 (/dev/md127, RAID10) are allocated to LVM2. 
GRUB2 is automatically installed on sda1 and I've manually installed it 
on sd[bcd]1. GRUB and Linux don't care. I would still test to make sure 
that the system can boot from other devices. It should work but some 
BIOS and EFI implementations are more dodgy than others.

Rich P.

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