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[Discuss] Small website, non-technical users: Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress?

On 1/7/2014 12:52 AM, Eric Chadbourne wrote:
> I was updating a client's site that used an old version of joomla and
> there was no upgrade path that I could find.  Total pain in the butt.
> Drupal is OK but isn't as polished as Wordpress IMHO.  I would
> probably go Wordpress.  I really like the way the admin screen is set
> up.  All three are pretty easy to hack on.

This site needs ease-of-use, and its content changes slowly, so we don't 
need a high-end CMS. I know that Drupal and Joomla are a steeper 
learning curve than WordPress, but I wondered if they offer some feature 
that is essential for having multiple contributors revising the site on 
a regular basis.

> How many hits do you get?

About 1,000/day.

> Do you need any specific features?

No, our content is very stable, so there's not a lot of change 
month-to-month. The only thing I'm hoping for is a way to import the old 
material from Mediawiki, but that's a one-time effort anyway. The 
ongoing need is for non-techies to use it with minimal fuss. Of course, 
security is a concern, but that's so with every CMS.

> You only have an FTP account?  Well that sucks.  Some kind of shared hosting?

A user site on a network solutions server.

Bill Horne

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