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[Discuss] Are SQL/NoSQL databases dead?

'm not saying they are "dead" as in no one is using them, I'm more
thinking they are dead with regard to feature development.

PostgreSQL and MySQL and the commercial databases just seem less
"important" these days with things like MongoDB and Cassandra. Don't get
me wrong, I think the NoSQL crowd are fairly delusional because eventually
these NoSQL databases will all have SQL front ends and ACID
characteristics are vital to any real database. (but I digress)

Traditional ACID SQL databases have more or less peaked. Data stores like
the NoSQL ilk are pretty much done feature wise as well. Stonebreaker's
next project is getting very little traction.

Have databases become just another "word processor" like application where
almost all the standard offerings are really good enough?   I mean, jeez,
tomcat, apache, php, etc. are all jus good enough and there are no new
"must have" features as well.

I guess the real question is what's left or are infrastructure components
pretty much done?

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