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[Discuss] learn or teach programs

Eric Chadbourne <eric.chadbourne at> writes:
> I don't see in on my Ubuntu laptop.  Would be a neat option to have.

I'm not sure it's exactly the same program cause it doesn't mention John
Kunze, but if you want it you should be able to pull from OpenBSD's
repository as long as you use a tag of OPENBSD_4_7_BASE. Here's the
readme from a commit labeled, "import BTL learn(1)"  (BTL?):

"Learn was originally written by Mike Lesk with some contributions
from Brian Kernighan.  The paper in this directory dates from the
second version of learn, around 1979.

This version of learn has been resurrected from the original V7
source and edited enough that the source compiles and the
lessons can be executed.  We have made no attempt to update the
lessons, nor to fix some of the glaring problems with the code.
Think of it as a historical document, not a polished system.

cd src


Seems they yanked it out a few years ago: 

"Remove a long-dead skeleton found under the floorboards.
"go for it" tedu@, "kill it" deraadt@"


> On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 12:39 PM, Mike Small <smallm at> wrote:
>> Was re-reading The Unix Programming Environment by K&P. In the first
>> chapter it suggests you look for a program named learn or teach on your
>> I don't have such a thing on my home system (OpenBSD), but panix's
>> NetBSD system seems to still have one named learn by John Kunze. This is
>> all I could find on the web about it:

Mike Small
smallm at

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