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[Discuss] first time build of GIT server

"Edward Ned Harvey (blu)" <blu at> writes:

>> From: at [mailto:discuss-
>> at] On Behalf Of Chris Johnson
>> You'll need to get your team to use SSH keys, but that's standard
>> practice for most git management systems (e.g. gitolite).
> That may have been true at some point, but now, it works just as well
> over http or https.
> I will say, if you use http, the user's password goes across the wire
> plaintext.  (I confirmed with wireshark.)  So my recommendation would
> be to plan on using SSL right from the start.  Every step along the
> way in the gitlab installer, substitute "https" for "http" and so
> forth.

You could just use git-over-ssh.  Give each developer an account on the
server and then they can just:

  git clone ssh://username at

You might also consider looking at gitolite.  It uses ssh as the
connection framework (although you can set up HTTP(S) access if you
really need it).  You store the developer's ssh public keys within
gitolite so each user does not necessarily need an actual "account" on
the server.  In this case everyone would use:

  git clone ssh://git at

Using gitolite also provides better access control mechanisms than just
using raw accounts.

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