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[Discuss] Linux book

> Hi,
> I would like a suggestion for a Linux book. ?I follow this group for a
> little while and I would like to learn more about Linux. ?I'm not looking
> for a specific OS but for a book that does not get me to sleep, goes thru
> the command lines, compiling the kernel. ?Ideally a book that is hard copy
> but has also a book in PDF. ?The one that I'm trying to read is specific
> to Linux exam, it goes all over the place with the topics,
> very?confusing?and?boring. ?? ?

Linux books are so 20th century. The internet has a plurality of
information sources and can be a lot more entertaining. Just avoid the
"russian bride" sites, no matter how much the come up next to Linux in
google search.

Here's an interesting start:

> Thanks,
> Aldo
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