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[Discuss] Acer Aspire One Ubuntu networking issue

On Wed, 2014-03-05 at 07:19 -0500, Jerry Feldman wrote:
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> At the installfest a lady had an Aspire One netbook. It would connect to
> the BLU router. But, it would not connect to the MIT or MIT Guest wifi.
> It was running Ubuntu 13.10. My Acer running Fedora was fine, and Dick
> Miller's running Ubuntu 13.10 was also good. Also, apparently she said
> that Windows works ok. At the installfest, the MIT and the BLU routers
> have strong signals. But she has a similar problem at home. While I
> don't know the exact WiFi chip, it is an Intel chip not a broadcom. When
> I connected it to MIT, It got the 18. address at first, but I could not
> ping outside the gateway. It then came back up on BLU where it was fine.
> I've never seen behavior where a WiFi would connect to one router but
> not another router. I do have an issue at home where my wife's computer
> only connects to the 2.4Ghz port and not the 5Ghz.
> I'm posting here for some ideas. Fortunately, she knows Dick Miller, and
> he is going to install Fedora (or at least the Live USB) to see if that
> makes any difference. I also think he tried a couple of different
> routers at his place.
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I have an ACER aspire one which I have taken to both install fests and
regular meetings and have never had problems connecting to both MIT and
JABRS BLU install fest ESSID.  I have removed Microsoft Windows 7
Starter because of limited capabilities. I have Ubuntu 13.04 not Ubuntu
13.10 installed because I need IM Pinyin.  I also have Fedora 20
installed but I cannot install multiple GUI desktops such as KDE, MATE
etc. The future of this
machine is to be backed up and Ubuntu 14.05 and above installed as well
as having the back cover screws replaced (from MicroCenter?)

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