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[Discuss] network issue

tom writes:
> dan moylan wrote:
> > the ethernet port is hard wired into the router...
> > ...but nothing happens.

> It sounds like DHCP is not working. The next question is why.

> One possibility is that you've plugged the computer into the
> routers WAN port. If you are using the router as your border
> gateway, that won't be possible, as your WAN port will
> already be occupied, but if you are using it only as an
> access point, your WAN port may in fact be open.

there is indeed a cable running from the router's WAN port
to the cable modem.  the computer is plugged into the
router's LAN #1

> Otherwise, I'd examine your router's DHCP configuration.

the router's DHCP seems to be working fine for the other
four computers on the net, all wireless.  BTW the router is
set up so that each mac address is assigned to a specific IP

> ...i set up the mac address for eth0 and save...
> I don't understand why you needed to manually set the MAC.

maybe not, but i did -- i think.

> Did you mean IP?


> > sudo ifconfig eth0 up produces the little icon
> > sector rings, and i then get into the local net, the router,
> > my local net website, etc, but can't get out.

> > route is blank, so i add the router address as the default.
> > resolv.conf is blank (except for the comment) so i add
> >, which is what shows up on this computer which
> > works, but that doesn't help either.

> You are working your way through all the things that DHCP
> would normally set for you. If you get DHCP working
> correctly, all of these can be avoided.

so one would hope, it always has before, and has for the
other four computers on the LAN.

> If you can't get DHCP working for some reason, here's the
> official guide for manually configuring a static IP on a
> wired connection through the GUI:

been there, done that -- totally doesn't work.

however, when i enter sudo ifconfig eth0 up, i get connected
to the LAN, and can ssh into the other linux computer on the
LAN, but can't see out -- frustrating.

ole dan

j. daniel moylan
84 harvard ave
brookline, ma 02446-6202
617-232-2360 (tel)
jdm at
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