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[Discuss] Reading Linux book

First of all, thanks for your previous tips on the Linux box, it was very much appreciated. ?I'm reading the different filesystems, when would you use XFS or JFS or ext4. ?If I'm correct currently Linux uses ext4, am i right? ?From the reading both XFS and JFS look like a great choice.


XFS This is a 64-bit, high-performance journaling
? ?filesystem that provides fast recovery and can
? ? handle large files efficiently.
JFS This is a 64-bit journaling filesystem that is fast
? ? ?and reliable. It is better equipped to handle power
? ? failures and system crashes.
ext4 The newest default filesystem for Linux distribu-
? ? ? tions. It is backwards-compatible with the ext2 and
? ? ?ext3 filesystems. Among ext4?s improvements over
? ? ? ? ext3 are journaling, support of volumes of up to
? ? ? ?one exbibyte (EiB) and files up to 16 tebibytes
? ? ? ? (TiB) in size.

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