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[Discuss] DMARC issue, Yahoo and beyond

> From: Bill Ricker [mailto:bill.n1vux at]
> ?Looks like the cascade didn't happen. ?A post on the GPS phone threads was
> from Yahoo; Gmail put it in my SPAM folder with a warning, i did not get
> unsubscribed.

Well, as John said on Thurs/Fri, they've updated the blu mail server to mailman 2.1.18, which supports dmarc rejection gracefully.  But it was not clear that dmarc rejection policy had been *configured* yet.

What I observe is:

A message from Bill Ricker @gmail simply says it's from Bill Ricker.
A message from Oliver Holmes @yahoo says it's from the BLU list server, on behalf of Oliver Holmes @yahoo.

This seems to suggest that the dmarc rejection stuff has been enabled on the blu list server.

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