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[Discuss] color laser printer

I have an old Samsung CLP-300 series color laser.  It isn't as rugged as my
older HP Laserjet P, but it is color.

The only maintenance I have done after 8 years is replace the toner cart's.
 I even use no-name replacement toner.
There are 4 cart's, and the black is larger than the rest.  There is also a
'waste' cart, that is designed to be replaced
but I just empty it (kind of messy, but works) and just put it back in.  (I
put it in a doubled plastic bag with the handle
sticking out, shake it,  Wait a few moments for the dust to settle, then
extract the cartridge.  Double tie the plastic
bag with the waste toner, and discard it.  The cartridge just goes back
into the printer.  This whole process only
takes a couple of minutes, but I do it outside.)

I do not refill cart's (I used to refill inkjet, but no more :) )

My printer may go a month without printing, then we might print a couple of
reams.  Duplexing is 'manual' rather than
automatic and I do it on occasion.  It is pretty easy.  Duplexing would be
nice, but I would rather have built in
networking (at least wired but preferably both wired and wireless).

The toner I purchase is often from eBay or or
depending on the lowest cost
'set' of cart's.  I purchase an entire set normally and replace each color
as needed rather than all at once.  Once I
purchased just a black (it is a little larger, but you use it more often).
 I also keep a spare set on the shelf for when
something goes empty.  The monitoring software from Samsung seems to work
pretty well to know the status
of the level of carts or if the waste cart needs to be emptied.

I have not had to replace any of the other user replaceable parts (fuser,
and I think there is something else too).

I am sure there are better printers, and I have no idea what printer I
would purchase at this time.  But to get me to
do long term purchases, I do a lot of research (probably more than it
reasonable given the $$ volume involved).

Hope that helps.

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> > another reason why I favor laser
> > printers over inkjets is that you can leave them unused for several
> > months and not have the ink cartridges dry out.
> I don't know if this is universally fixed on all inkjets now and moving
> forward, but ...
> At least in the Canon PIXMA line, this has not been a problem in the last
> several years.
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