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[Discuss] color laser printer

>>>>> "Dan" == Daniel Barrett <dbarrett at> writes:

    Dan> I've owned two Brother mono lasers in my life and hated both. One
    Dan> curled the paper terribly and made loud gronking noises that sounded
    Dan> like the internals were being eaten by robots. Brother replaced it
    Dan> under warranty and a few months later, the new one was gronking too.
    Dan> This was 8 years ago so YMMV.

Mine (HL5259DN, maybe 7 or 8 years old) gronks but only for a little
while after I've put new paper in.  The paper doesn't curl more than I

I'm thinking the paper feeding might be getting a little less reliable
than it used to be, so I'm following this discussion with interest, but
I'll probably get another mono -- I usually manage to get somebody else
to do any color printing I need.

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