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[Discuss] raid issues

On 6/20/2014 9:15 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> Nothing is a substitute for backups.

This. This. A thousand times this.
See also my Cloud Redux post.

> For these setups, I prefer absolutely dumb
> SATA/SAS buses with no hardware raid, buffering, caching of any kind,
> so those disks can be plugged into any dumb SATA/SAS system.  That
> way if you have an entire HBA fail, you still have your filesystem up
> and running.

This also. For all the performance issues of software-based RAID systems
they don't tie me to any particular vendor's hardware. I can put raidz
or mdadm or Btrfs raid disks on any controller on any server and my data
is there.

That 24TB set I described is in a Dell PowerVault array. Each disk is
its own device and the BBU is disabled so the storage box isn't doing
any RAID or buffering at all; it's all ZFS over multipath. In retrospect
I should have gotten a JBOD chassis but there wasn't a stable ZFS on
Linux port available when it was purchased.

Rich P.

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